As raider and billionaire Mikhail Mirilashvili bankrupted the Union of Cinematographers

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After a long legal battle, the Union of Cinematographers of Russia in St. Petersburg ceased its long-term activity and, according to the court’s decision, was declared bankrupt. This decision was contributed by the company, which is connected with a large Russian businessman, owner of the casino network, millionaire Mikhail Mirilashvili, known in the criminal world as a raider "Misha Kutaisi". "Criminal Russia" understood the relation of Mikhail Mirilashvili to the bankruptcy of the St. Petersburg Union of Cinematographers, which united 800 filmmakers.

The fact that the St. Petersburg Union of Cinematographers of Russia (SC Russia) ceased to exist, it became known in the summer of 2016. The reason was the debt accumulated by the organization over a decade. Initially, with the claim to collect from the Union 5.5 million rubles, ANO "Institute of Management Consulting". However, then the company "Resort Development" started buying up debts from the remaining creditors of the Insurance Company of the Russian Federation. For example, she replaced in the arbitration process CJSC "Company" Nevafilm ", to which the Union owed more than 2.5 million rubles.

As a result, the Resort Development alone demanded that the Union collect 10 million rubles from the Union for the costs incurred in connection with the House of Creativity in Repino. Cinematographers, in turn, argued that the company spent this money on its own needs and requires this amount illegally.

Then the creditors began demanding that the Union be declared bankrupt. The debts were not repaid, and in April 2016, the bankruptcy proceedings were instituted against the organization. As a result, the head of the Union since 2014, Sergei Snezhkin was removed from office, and the director of the House of Cinema on Karavannaya Street, Alexander Babayan, was dismissed. Alexander Shalygo was appointed as the managing director, who at the moment acts as chairman of the St. Petersburg branch of the Russian Federation, the general meeting and the board of the Union.

The debt of the St. Petersburg Union of Cinematographers is about 20 million rubles, it has accumulated over the past decade. The lion’s share of this amount is the cost of utility payments and the content of the creative base of the Union of Cinematographers "Repino".

However, on closer examination, the history of bankruptcy appears to be a deliberate ruin of the organization, to which the authoritative businessman, philanthropist, "the uncrowned master of the northern capital" Mikhail Mirilashvili, known in the criminal world as "Misha Kutaisi" or MMM, put his hand. After serving eight years in the strict regime colony "Kresty", Mirilashvili returned to St. Petersburg in the late 2000s. At this time, the holding of the imprisoned millionaire PetroMir switches from a prohibited gambling business to the construction of cottage settlements in the Leningrad Region. Including — on the territory of the House of Creativity of cinematographers "Repino", listed at the St. Petersburg Union of Cinematographers and located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, 40 km from St. Petersburg.

According to the source of "Criminal Russia", even before his arrest, Mirilashvili managed to kidnap the land from the Union in Repino and rebuild a mansion on them.

Having come to freedom, in 2009 the billionaire sold his house to the head of ZAO Imperiya Farma Omaru Gurtskaya, business partner Sergei Matvienko (son of the ex-governor of St. Petersburg, head of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko).

At the same time, in November 2010, the Resort Development Company received permission to conduct survey work in Repino on a 2 hectare plot (north-west of House No. 23 on Novaya Novaya Street) for the construction of an equestrian sports complex.

The founder and at the same time the General Director of the Resort Development company is the brother of Mikhail Mirilashvili, a long-time business partner of Mirilashvili. He also headed the company "Repino Development", which, according to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, belongs to Mirilashvili Holding PetroMir.

The connection between Mikhail Mirilashvili and the territory of the House of Creation of Filmmakers in Repino, where the construction was supposed to be, was explained by the fact that Vladimir Shaydakov (since 2011 the director of Lenfilm) was the director of the House of Creative Work of Cinematographers from 2002 to 2010. According to the source of "Criminal Russia", Mihailopolskiy was a good friend of Vladimir Shaidakov. The same Miropol’skii drew Dmitry Meskhiev to the post of head of the St. Petersburg Union of Cinematographers in 2008. The collective for the bankruptcy of the Union was formed.

In 2007, DTK Repino, which is listed on the balance sheet of the Union, agreed to organize a rest in the hotel complex Repino for employees of Beta. The company paid for permits to the House of Creativity 2.5 million rubles. For unknown reasons, Repino could not organize a vacation for Beta’s employees. As follows from the documents, then the director of the House of Creativity, Vladimir Shaydakov, appealed to the leadership of Beta with a request to enter the position and promised to return this money within 3 years — at 17% per annum. A corresponding agreement was reached.

One of the founders of Beta Alexei Komrakov is known in St. Petersburg as an expert in the bankruptcy of enterprises. Perhaps, it was he who was involved in the long process of seizing the lands of the Union. Later, Alexey Komrakov left the founders of the firm and transferred the Union’s solid debt to its organization ANO "Institute of Counseling Management."

At the same time, the then leadership of the DTC "Repino", friendly to Mikhail Mirilashvili, did not take practically any action. In addition, later it turned out that the director of the DTC "Repino" borrowed from the company "Resort Development" a large amount for the reconstruction of the House of Creativity. And in 2011 the director of the House of Creativity Shaydakov issued a power of attorney for a period of 3 years, which gave Mikhail Miropolsky the right to represent the interests of the House of Creativity on all issues relating to the owner of the property, located at Repino village, Repino, 2nd new street, house 3.

So, by 2013, DTK "Repino" had accumulated a debt of 5.5 million rubles. However, all this time the leadership of the Union of Cinematographers of St. Petersburg in the person of the director Dmitry Meskhiev seemed not to pay attention to this. In 2012-2014, the Union of Cinematographers did not defend its interests in preserving the DTR "Repino" in court. During the audit, it was established that representatives of the Union most often did not appear at meetings. "All the courts are lost. All debts are recognized as real, "Sergei Snezhkin, chairman of the St. Petersburg Union of Filmmakers after the Meshkhiev, commented on the situation. — Why did not you appear? Yes, because it’s a raider capture. It turns out that this is a primitive, stupid scheme for seizing property. "

Probably, the then leadership of the IC of the Russian Federation in St. Petersburg pursued personal interests. This is confirmed by the fact that at the beginning of 2016 investigators of Kurortny district, where Repino is located, the division of the St. Petersburg All-Russian Public Organization "The Union of Russian Filmmakers", having studied the documents of the DTC, started three criminal cases. One of them, as reported by "Fontanka", on "an unidentified person from among the leaders of the boarding house." According to investigators, during the period 2012-2014, the person involved in the plot planned to seize the 4.5 hectare plot, which belonged to the Union as an unlimited lease. The criminal scheme was based on the attraction of credit funds (more than 2 million rubles), for which, according to documents, coal was allegedly purchased for the Repino boiler house. "Unidentified person" deliberately failed to comply with the terms of the loans, which led to the appeal of creditors to court and the subsequent bankruptcy procedure of both DTC and the Union of Cinematographers of Petersburg. It was noted that Dmitry Meskhiev was not the last to issue loans to DTC.

It is also interesting that Dmitry Meskhiev left the post of chairman of the Union of Cinematographers of St. Petersburg. And in June 2016 he submitted two petitions to the arbitration court for his inclusion in the register of creditors of the Union. The former head of the Union demanded to collect 13 million rubles from the organization.

Strange as it may seem, the revealed violations and the criminal cases were not affected in any way by the bankruptcy procedure and the decision of the arbitration court. The court decided that to restore the solvency of the Union there is no possibility, and hence the only way out — the sale of assets.

Became chairman of the Union of Cinematographers in St. Petersburg in 2014 and dismissed in 2016, Sergei Snezhkin explains the court decisions by good ties of Mikhail Mirilashvili. "We have a very complex city — according to the atmosphere, traditions, heritage of the 90s. There are a lot of connections that have not been broken so far. The same Mirilashvili and the company — it turns out, they have stable links, and in courts as well. It’s hard to fight with them, it’s an unequal struggle. "

"Now these people decided, in terms of their vocabulary, to" squeeze out "not only" Repino ", but also the House of Cinema," — said Sergei Snezhkin.

As Sergey Snezhkin has told, the present management of the Petersburg Union has sent the governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko an appeal stating that it was decided to make a new multimedia center from the House of Cinema.

"The building is good, huge, historical — the former insurance company. In this building, where the Union of Cinematographers was 60 years in a row, they have now settled and are trying to change something there, "said Snezhkin. "They demanded from the city not less than 100 million rubles for this business."

For help, Sergei Snezhkin appealed to the head organization — the Union of Cinematographers of Russia under the chairmanship of Nikita Mikhalkov. The St. Petersburg Union entered the department of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation. In early 2016, the Union of Russian Cinematographers in Moscow, headed by Nikita Mikhalkov, decided to develop a plan of events and a timetable for dealing with the repayment of debts of the House of Cinematographers’ Repino and returning it to the Union of Cinematographers.

In August, the Union of Cinematographers sent creditors over 16.5 million rubles (part of the claims were paid off earlier) and demanded from the court to admit that the calculations were completed on this.

However, the company "Resort Development", claiming the House of Creativity, proved in an appeal that the Union owes it no less than 9.3 million rubles. This requirement is related to a loan for heating and water supply to the House of Creativity occupying more than 5 hectares in the prestigious Kurortny district. The court of first instance doubted that the contracts were legal. However, the company Resort Development disputed the verdict.

As it became known to "Criminal Russia", now the cinematographers of St. Petersburg intend to take action to transfer the St. Petersburg House of Cinema to the department of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation, "so that no one else will ever continue to conduct any fraud there, he will be directed directly from Moscow, We will ask the central Union, so that all our activities will be transferred here. "

As for the other participants in the history of the bankruptcy of the Union of Cinematographers of St. Petersburg — Vladimir Shaydakov now runs the Lenfilm studio, Dmitry Meskhiev is an advisor to the governor of the Pskov region on culture and art, and also produces and shoots films. In particular, he filmed the novel of the current Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky "Wall".

However, according to the source of "Criminal Russia", the assembled around Mirilashvili Mirpilsky, Meskhiyev and Shaidakov now quarreled with each other: the former partners did not divide the asset into 500 million rubles, Repino and the plot of land.

Source: Rucriminal